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Care and Maintenance of Submersible Sewage Pump
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Care and Maintenance of Submersible Sewage Pump
In order to ensure the normal use and lifetime of submersible sewage pumps, regular checks and maintenance is needed:
1、To replace the seal ring: After long-term use in sewage medium, the gap between the impeller and the seal ring may increase, resulting in decreased pump flow and efficiency. Then one should turn off the switch, lift the pump, remove the bottom cover, remove the seal ring. And replace the seal ring according to the actual size of the impeller ring, and the gap is generally about 0.5mm.

2、Submersible sewage pump is not the long-term use, should be cleaned and lifted in dry and ventilated place, protected from frost. When placed in water, running at least 30min every 15 days (no dry grinding) to check its function and adaptation.

3、Cable inspection at least once a year, replace it if damaged.

4、Check the motor insulation and fastening screws at least once a year. If the motor insulation drop, please find someone repair. And please re-tighten the fastening screw if it looses.

5、The proper amount engine oil was injected into the submersible sewage pump at the factory, to lubricate the mechanical seal, the engine oil should be checked once a year. If you find water in the engine oil, it should be let go, and change the engine oil, replace the gasket, tighten the screw plug. After three weeks, re-examine it, if the engine oil change into emulsion, then the mechanical seal should be checked and replace it if necessary.

6、If the submersible sewage pump break down during running, please follow the troubleshooting rules to exclude. If still not resolved, and not make sure the cause, do not indiscriminate disassembling repair, and look for a specialist to repair immediately.

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