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Butterfly Valve Introduction
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 Butterfly Valve Introduction
The opening and closing plate of butterfly valve is a disc-shaped plate, it rotates around its own axis within the valve body, so as to open and close or regulate a valve, that’s called a butterfly valve. Butterfly valve fully open to fully closed is usually less than 90 degrees, and the disc and valve spindle cannot be self-locked. In order to locate the disc, a worm reducer has to be installed on the spindle. By using a worm reducer, it can not only make the disc can be self-locked to stop at any position, but also improve the valve's operating performance. Industry-specific butterfly valves’s features are high temperature resistance, high pressure range, large nominal diameter, carbon steel valve body and the seal ring of valve plate is a metal ring instead of rubber ring. Large high-temperature butterfly valve is made of welded steel plate, mainly for smoke duct and gas pipelines with high temperature medium.
  Advantages of butterfly valves are as following: easily and rapidly open and close, labor saving, small fluid resistance, can often operate. Simple structure, small in size, and light weight. It can carry mud, and keep less accumulation of liquid in the pipe outlet. Under low pressure, it can achieve good sealing. Good regulation performance. Disadvantages as: small pressure and working temperature range.
 Installation and maintenance of butterfly valves: during installation, the plate to stop in the closed position. Open position should be determined by the disc rotation angle. For a butterfly valve with a by-pass valve, open the by-pass valve before open the butterfly valve. Install the butterfly valve according to the manufacturer's installation instructions, and set a solid base for large weight butterfly valve.

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