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Advantages and disadvantages of actuators
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Advantages and disadvantages of actuators


For actuators, the drive mode is nothing more than pneumatic, electric and hydraulic. These three drive mode actuators have their advantages in performance, cost and convenience of use for different work situations.

1, Pneumatic actuator

 The biggest feature of pneumatic actuator is high safety. Among the three kind of actuators, the pneumatic actuator is the most fireproof and explosion-proof, suitable for petrochemical, petroleum and oil processing industries. Except for the explosion-proof performance, the advantage of pneumatic actuators lies in, it's cost performance, simple and convenient in use, easy to maintain, requiring less technical skills for operators. The disadvantage is that its control accuracy is low, which can not be compared with electric and hydraulic actuators. This is because of it’s driven by compressed gas. And gas is easily compressed, which makes pneumatic actuator lack of adequate anti-offset performance, so it’s lack of competitiveness in the control accuracy.

2, Electric actuator

In recent years, the utilization of electric actuators is increasing. Especially in the high-pressure water systems, electric actuator presents its own advantage which the other 2 kind of actuators do not have. Electric actuator’s large output thrust, high stability, lower cost than the hydraulic actuator make it a high cost performance choice. Parameters control of electric actuator is very precise, but the complex structure makes its failure rate higher than the pneumatic actuator, which  need professionals with higher technical level to operate and maintain. Electric actuator receives electrical signals, so it’s prone to ignition problems, and it’s inferior to the other two kind of actuators for safety.

3, Hydraulic actuator

Hydraulic actuator has many performance advantages, such as large output thrust, good anti-offset, precise control, fast response, stable operation and so on. Hydraulic actuator is driven by fluid, and fluid is incompressible, which gives the hydraulic actuator good anti-offset ability to adjust very stable. The disadvantage of hydraulic actuator is too costly. To run hydraulic actuators, hydraulic pressure stations and pipelines are needed, which requires a large initial investment. Hydraulic actuator is with large volume, and appears relatively heavy, so only large, special projects will specially construct and use hydraulic actuators.

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